Why stance?


Does it work?

I'll first give you the non-scientific answer. Most people who ask this question are under the impression that stance fixes your posture by itself.  It doesn’t.

Stance is used in short bursts to get you comfortable sitting up straight and guides you to keep your shoulders back naturally without the corrector.

Stance plays a role similar to training wheels while you’re learning to ride your bike.

It shows you how sitting correctly feels, but you also need to making a conscious effort when not wearing it.

Scientific answer
Link: the scientific research behind shoulder braces

Using it

I personally wear mine for 1 to 2 hours a day and it’s now embedded in my routine:

  • I wake up
  • meditate on my way to work
  • wear my stance corrector while doing emails in the AM

I'm sure you can find your own routine that suits you.

The Origin of Stance

I had bad posture for a long time.

I wondered how I could pro-actively improve my posture and went in to guinea pig mode testing various posture correctors and morning stretches.

I tried correctors on eBay and Amazon and found common issues between them such as:

  • Flimsy straps
  • Weak velcro
  • Too thick

Whilst trying these different correctors at co-working places people would often enquire and ask what it was, I’d explain and they’d ask me where to get one.

I decided to develop my own version with the learnings from using various products and stance was born.


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